Friday, May 13, 2016


And so I enter another season of leave-taking.  I think I can truly measure my years in terms of this sort of bittersweet event: leaving a place.  Sometimes, the constant evolution of English results in the perfect word, and I can't think of a better one to express how I'm feeling about my upcoming departure from this fair land...


In celebration of Lao and all that Lao has brought to me, I want to revive my blogging efforts in my last 3 weeks, and try my best to post something about Lao every day.  Either a memory, something I love, or something I will miss about living here.

Day 1:  Greetings.
 This town feels like a village.  Wherever I go, whether it's to ingloriously buy a 24 pack of toilet paper and then almost crash into a vegetable stand on my way back, or to dinner, or to a bar, or to teach, I am greeted by faces I know.  "Fa!"  I hear the short, musical, retort of my Lao name barked at me around each corner, as I run into all of the different, lovely, smiling faces that have become part of my daily life here.  Just today, on my short errand into town, I ran into "Beer" (girl who sells me noodles and also forces me to drink Beer Lao with her), "Lee" (tuk tuk driver in my neighborhood who tries to sell me marijuana and smiles for days), "Long Neck" (preschool student at my school who thinks he is a dinosaur), mysterious elderly woman who gives me bananas, and everyone else in the world.  I spend my day saying hello to people.

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