Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Shock me shock me shock me with your devious behavior

I’ll simply never remember a human for how normal they are.  I will remember you for each and every one of your specifics, particulars, oddities, strangenesses,and uniqueness; the ways that you bring a different (and more awkward) light to the world.   I love my siblings for their erratic, odd behavior.  I like that Neil develops accents when drinking, but mostly I love that he also develops accents when sober.  I love that Erin sings Les Miserables when drunk and that she makes weird spinach smoothies.  I love that Leif says only awkward things.  I love that my dad speaks in Spanish to everyone he meets  and the way my mom shrieks when she is happy. 

I won’t remember Kristin for being a logical, capable person and great teacher.  I’ll remember her for drunk-cleaning our house every time we have a party, microwaving a cake in a coffee mug, and for blasting music and displaying road rage every time she drives in her car.  I certainly know that Liz is an excellent Event Planner, but I’ll mostly just think of her dancing to wii Michael Jackson and trying for at least a half hour to set fire to alcohol in our kitchen. 

I love the way my coworkers Yer shouts(instead of speaking) when she is excited.  I love how Tom dances to express his excitement and walks slower than Ugandans.  I love how my grandma Carol points out all the sights in St. Paul whenever I am in the car with her. I love how my grandpa Walter gives  me “high-fivers”.  I love how my grandma Marge is the slowest eater in the world because she is too busy talking and listening.  I love how my grandpa John  makes off-color jokes at family gatherings. 

I love how Nikki hugs people in a very specific way and the way her hair makes a halo around her head when it’s in a ponytail.  I love when Joe organizes everything on a table just so.  I love how Lauren gets into a good conversation or argument and also how damn picky she is about food.  I love the way Russ always sounds like a professor, and his floppy hair.  I love how Tess focuses on someone so entirely when she is talking to them and how she is the biggest gossip I know.  I love how Kirk and Mark fart, eat, and make huge messes whenever they were with me in Uganda, and how some of my greatest memories are when they were around.  I love how Max comes off as so argumentative but is also probably the most generous person I know.  I love Father LIno’s laugh and the way he is never on time.  I love Eunice’s sassiness.   I love that Andrea and I have gotten into trouble together before.    

I love how nervous Faith gets at parties and how she can spend an entire weekend drawing 1 cartoon.  I love the way Geoff verbally abuses his friends but then can wax nostalgic all night over them..  I flat out love Beth’s smile and weird ways of making income.  I love that Levy brought me 3 pies once.  I love Rach’s expressive voice and colorful language, and  tendency to fall asleep anywhere.  I love Lizzie’s raspy, loud voice and leather jackets.  I love that Steele is always hungry and can't help making a dirty joke even as a mature graduate student.  I love that Alex loses money playing poker with his friends and is otherwise always in a chemistry lab. I love that Vincenzo is so cranky and particular. I love when Maddie gets overwhelmed and starts knocking over chairs. I love how much Kari weirdly loves ducks.  I love Cooper’s ample bosom and baby-making laughter.  I love Jess’s  seductive dance moves.  I love Fran’s obsession with her animals.  I love Erik’s split personality between social-dancing-marvel and grumpy-introverted-cave-dweller.  I love Frank’s weird comments and obsession with rabies.  I love Andrew’s unique vision of family.   

The fact that you may be a lawyer, teacher, unemployed,  a barista, or a good mother make up probably 0.2% of the reason why I like you.  I like you because you are a goofball, because you make excellent and weird mistakes, because you are bizarre.  I’m 99% sure that we aren't here on earth to work and be serious.

  I like you and admire you because you are silly and shocking and embarrassing. 

Thank you for your work.

PS GO MINNESOTA!!! I'll be at the capitol tonight for the bill signing ceremony and party.