Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Leave Taking, Day 15

Day 15: The Proudly Exposed Man Bellies

I unfortunately have no photographic evidence, but I'll miss Lao dearly for exactly this phenomenon that I'm about to describe.  If you happen to be a Lao man of a certain age (middle aged or above) and you happen to possess a protruding belly of a certain dignified girth, then it is acceptable and encouraged to let your belly air out/hang out when it happens to be a reasonably warm day.  What this looks like in practice is a bunch of otherwise-normally dressed Lao men with their t-shirts pulled up so that they rest just above the majestic paunch, with said paunch displayed for all to see.  This is truly a sight to behold, and also makes me ponder the comically quick transition that many Lao men seem to undergo when they change overnight from lithe, slender men to wise wielders of great oft-displayed paunch.  Thank you for your work.

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