Sunday, March 31, 2013

I wandered lonely as a cloud

I can't deliver the amount of gravity and drama that the title of this blog imparts, but that's okay, because I only put it up because I like it a lot. 

I've been BUSY.  Like the sort of busy where I wake up extra early in the morning to cook a family-sized meal that will serve as lunch and dinner for the day.  Because I haven't found any other time during the week to cook food.  Wow, talk about a far cry from Uganda, where I basically opened my own home cooking network, mud-stove style.  Broadcasted via the Coconut Telegraph. 

I've been doing some serious musing, between all the soccer games, late nights, and cooking, and it's just waiting to spill out in word-form.  Soon enough.  Today at Easter, both of my lovely grandpas told me separately how much they enjoy my writing and encouraged me to write short stories again (it's been awhile), and that of course makes a big impact.  I probably will start attempting writing short stories again.  There's so many stories inside of us.  It's just taking the time to draw them out. 

My teen club starts this week and I also start teaching an adult ELL class.  That's some serious business goin' on.  And that's all great and all, but I also need to carve out a nice sunny piece of green grass on which to lie, day-dream, stare at clouds, and tell myself stories throughout my week.  I need to make it a priority throughout my weeks, in general.  I want to feel like there is something more meaningful connecting together my days and experiences besides a night of sleep.  And, that's where creative expression and imagination come in.  Right?  I need that sunny piece of grass.  In more ways than one.  (Lock it up, MN). 

This is an IOU of a good, long, belly-laughing blog.

To come!

Until then,