Thursday, May 19, 2016

Leave Taking, Day 7

Day 7:  My adult students

I volunteer at a great nonprofit called @library twice a week where I teach super-motivated, funny, and smart adults, age 16-40.  A few of my students are high school students, a few university students, a handful are college professors, and some are tour guides or service workers who have a passion for writing.  We focus on writing; on one day, we do creative writing (poems, stories), and on the other day we do professional/academic writing (essays, emails, etc).  I love teaching these students for completely different reasons than I love teaching my 5th graders...I can relate to them as adults and friends, and also I can teach an area that I'm really passionate about, and that I believe can really empower someone.

On a field trip to hear traditional Lao folktales:

 Always so focused on writing! In comparison, my 5th grade classroom is a drunken carnival of sugar-fueled tiny people.

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