Friday, August 8, 2014


It has been a great year and a half home.  I did lots of things like backpack through Europe for three weeks, ski, bike to Duluth, live with friends I have known for 20 years, work with some goofballs, and see everyone in my family. 

I came home to these two. 
 I saw a rainbow staircase in Turkey. 
 I met a Romanian sister.
 I went to a spice market in Istanbul.
 I hung out with she-biscuit.

 I saw every member of my family.  Sometimes more than once!

 I hung out with teens and they pretended that I'm cool. 
 Liz got married. 
 I "biked" to Duluth.
 I made a speech!
 I went to Nisswa. 
 I celebrated my teens' achievements.

 I skied!

I opened a teen resource center!

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