Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The real reason I'm going to Turkey today?

Is because I thought it would be funny to be in Turkey for Thanksgiving.  Now, I give you permission to opt out of reading at this point, since this blog after is all is being written by someone who makes grandiose decisions based off of mediocre puns.

Lets lay those doubts to bed!  To give further evidence of my robust mental faculties, I offer up this anecdote: I gave myself 20 minutes this morning to pack for the trip!  That's actually a lot more than 5 minutes!  I also used the following logic in deciding what shoes to bring: 1 pair of boots that are too big + 1 pair of running shoes that are too small, together equal 1 well fitted pair of shoes.  The real joke there is going to be on my feet!

So, the last 10 months I have been living rather peacefully in the Twin Cities.  I've had many blogpost ideas cross my mind, but they all lacked the visceral nature of my posts from Uganda.  Simply put, I haven't been living in a hut, going slowly insane, and getting into the sort of bizarre cross-cultural situations that are fun to write about.  I'm hoping that this ill-planned trip to Turkey/Europe will launch some more story-telling, for I certainly expect to find myself knee-deep in confusion by tomorrow.

My plan?  Istanbul--->Bucharest, Romania--->Prague, Czech Republic--->Copenhagen, Denmark-->Leiden, Holland-->Back home.

Join me as I fumble my way across some wondrous locations!

Love and Letchuga,

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  1. Hands across the water! Have a lovely few fun days in Istanbul! Shitty planning can be fun if you've got the right company. I'm gruesomely jealous.