Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Today for food I ate a large container of pumpkin soup and 1/2 pound of salsa.  Like, I mostly just spooned salsa into my mouth.  I'm gaining what I imagine to be a very strange reputation at work. I know it was a 1/2 pound because that was the amount I ordered at the mexican supermarket.  And then I ate all of it. 

At work, I also helped a little girl make a life plan for how she would achieve her long-term goal of learning how to play the keyboard. The last step of her plan was "By age 12 I will know how to play the keyboard."  I find it slightly alarming that she's already 11 and a half.  Is this a realistic goal?  Where can I find a keyboard? 

Then after some more serious things, I biked home in 10 degree weather in funny clothing.

Once I was home, I bought a small stuffed animal cat for my friend so it would magically ship to him.  I did this over the internet.

Now I'm just finishing up this blog about salsa.  That's why I started writing this certain blog, because I was thinking about how much salsa I ate and how sick I feel now. 

I hope tomorrow is as good as today!

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