Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Michelle Bachmann is the worst.

Today we found out that we are going to be in a even greater political gridlock in Washington, which will lead to absolutely nothing substantive getting done (which is exactly what we want from our government, right?) except for maybe the repeal of the new healthcare plan. Great. We just can't stand the thought of poor people getting more accessible health care for more than a few months, I guess. How can people vote for candidates whose main platforms include a complete disregard for poor people, the environment, and civil rights?

The only bit of hope is the gubernatorial race here in Minnesota, which is so close that it may lead to another recount.

It's a godawful depressing day when people like Michelle Bachmann and Ron Johnson get elected. I have nothing else to say, except to show a winsome collection of sound-bites from Michelle, herself.

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