Friday, November 26, 2010


I just realized that I awkwardly have a blog that no one reads or knows about. I feel like this will probably change, once I go to Peace Corps or once I give the address to people, but for's sort of uncomfortable. It's like I'm shouting in a dark room...or running in a deserted forest...or crawling on a silent sea floor, or maybe screaming my name in a limestone cave. One of those, at least.

I think I feel good about it, anyway. I don't really know how to be a blogger or network or anything, so if this blog is for Ilse-eyes-only, then I guess that's okay. Also, it's great self-affirmation. Like, for instance, today I am wearing a new red hat that my aunt(ish) Esther knit for me for Thanksgiving. And, it's really comfortable and looks awesome on me. This is something to celebrate, no? Today I also received the welcome news that I was finally medically cleared for the Peace Corps. This is really exciting news and I only hope that the remaining leg of the process (i.e. getting in touch with my placement officer and getting an official invitation) goes quickly because I do not want to miss my nomination departure date in February.


  1. love,

    I read your blog and I love your blog and I love you so very much.

    The hat is lovely and I'm so happy to hear about your medical clearance.

    all my love,

  2. I read your blog!! And I love your sassy knit hat. Adorable. See you soon and you can tell me everything in person!! :)

    Also I have confidence your blogging skills will only improve in epic fashion :)