Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The True Story of ______

Today we read a short story called "The True Story of The Three Pigs" which took the perspective of the traditional villain/antagonist of the story, the wolf, and how the story went from his point of view. After, I asked my students to choose a well-known story or plot line and do the same.

Without further preamble, I give you the two following masterpieces:

The True Story of Harry Potter
So I was just going over to have a nice cup of tea with the Potters, (everyone knows I have an anger management problem), and James was saying very hurtful things about me so we 'dueled' and...I sort of maybe killed him.  So then I thought "oops, I could go to jail" so I was going to get rid of Lily and Harry but maybe not Lily.  But I was going to kill Harry because I HATE KIDS!  So I was saying "Move over, I want to kill your son" and she said "no" so I killed her.  Then I, the most powerful wizard of all time, was defeated by a one year old.  What is up with that?  So 10 year after I went to get revenge on him but it didn't work so I planned to come back to power instead and then 3 years later I came back and I tried again and messed up AGAIN!  What is with that?  So I kept trying, then when Harry was 17 I tried one last night but I....

The True Story of Star Wars Episode 3
So I changed to Darth Vader just because that poor old Palatine wanted me to be a different person, and I couldn't refuse because...well he's a billion years old so I didn't want to be rude, and I would get a black suit if I joined, and black is my favorite colour, I never really cared about the surgery, and it was cool being an emperor controlling people and being rich and owning the Death Star and Star Destroyer, so all and all pretty good until I killed my son, but that battle was epic and all the famous scenes I was in so I didn't really care about Luke dying, and this is my story.

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