Saturday, January 9, 2016


I'm teaching poetry in my adult class right now, and we have been focusing on "showing, not telling", a very similar adage for anyone who has taken a creative writing class before in college.   A resolution that I always have for myself and that I often fall short of is to write more poems, stories, anything really.

For a warm-up exercise last week, I showed a picture that I had taken in Yangon, Myanmar, and had the students "show" the picture through writing.  The picture, and the moment it captures, are bewitching and mysterious to me.  I attempted to put the feeling into writing:

Father and Son
under bright clouds
father and son stand
fields of wet, angry green behind
the air is sharp, like a lover's slap

they stand
back to back
like distrusting allies in battle
deciding who will act next

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  1. Dear Ilse,
    Only a few words to let you know that today I have received your nice letter from Laos. If you wish, you can see their picture published at my blog

    Thank you very much for helping me in order to increase my collection of letters from whole world.
    I send again my sincere wishes of health and happiness to you and all your loved ones.

    A strong hug from Spain

    Emilio Fernandez