Saturday, October 3, 2015

I have a home.

This is momentous.  For the first time in my life, I have my own place.  It's also momentous as it's the first time I have fully unpacked since June.

My house sits down a muddy little alley nestled alongside a temple and the Mekong.  I can barely open the front gate, I have many furry animal visitor friends that I didn't ask for, and my kitchen is terrifying.

I'm in love.

The front yard

 The formidable front gate, which takes all of my strength to open and close.
 View from my bathroom.
 View from the deck.
 My balcony.

 My deck.
 My bedroom!

 From outside my gate
 My view of the monks' bedroom. They can also see very well into mine, as I know because sometimes I see them watching me.

 The alley down to my house, past the temple.

 My terrifying kitchen, filled with geckos and spiders and rogue feral cats, probably.
My inaugural party using my awesome deck overlooking the Mekong.  It's amazing at sunset.  

Anyway, I think I was scoring about a C- in mental health before, but now that I have a place to hang my uke and run around in my underwear, all is well.  

Love and sunsets on the mekong,

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  1. This is BEAUTIFUL!!!! How did I miss this post?!!?!? I want to come live on that deck with you and do yoga over the Mekong for hours. So happy for you my love!!