Friday, November 28, 2014

Oh My, how things do change.

Wow, none of these things were true in my life before.

In Vientiane:

1.  I wake up at 6 am every morning.

2.  I travel alone on my breaks.     

3.  I've learned how to avoid being chased by possibly rabid dogs every day. 

4.  I have a soundcloud.

5.  I have a motorcycle (sorry mom), which Erica and I alternate using.  

6.  I do yoga.  

7.  I find the social dynamics here incredibly hard, which is why I've started an Amish partnership with Erica.   

8.  I don't drink or go out.

9.  I lift weights.

10.  I teach children about improper fractions.  

I don't think these things will be true forever, it just amazes me how your life can be so different than what it was just months before.  All these seemingly disparate parts of my life right now fit very well together.   I don't forsee motorcycles in my future past Lao.  It's just what makes sense here (and is ironically safest).  Some things, however, I'd like to keep around.  

I don't think I came to Lao to make a billion more friends or fall in love.  I think I came here to have a very quiet life for a year and learn how to teach.  I'm thankful for Erica and others here, for learning how to do things I never thought I would (like improper fractions and yoga), and for the experience to teach my students.

Thanksgiving with my roommates and other friends:

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