Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My students.

I may complain about the anarchy, but these ones are very special. Last week for teacher's day, they showered me with love (and a billion weird presents ranging from money to toothpaste) and every day I am a recipient of many sweaty hugs.

My booty from teacher's day:

Today my student Ford, who has a lot of trouble focusing basically all the time, taught me how to meditate. And then I read a book about dinosaurs with Oh. It's definitely a day when I can step back and appreciate.

Speaking of my students, I'm running up a bit of a wish list of things that would benefit them.
If you feel inclined to send me something, then this would be awesome.

Good ultimate Frisbees (I coach this twice a week and we have tiny crappy Frisbees from Thailand)
Any ESL type literacy stuff (most of my kids are complete beginners and this would be great for differentiation).

Really though, don't feel bad about not sending me stuff. I'm teaching the future politicians and diplomats of Lao (one of whose parents casually gave me 100 bucks in an envelope for teacher's day.

Here are many of my students upon completing their own boats (in celebration of boat racing festival last friday).

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  1. Love the boat pictures!!! I will bring some stickers for sure in March :)