Wednesday, January 9, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things.

Well, I wouldn't be a 20-something girl if I didn't create a cacophony of grandiose lists about various important life-things, and then publish them on my blog.

Well, perhaps lists are a glance into someone's soul.  A lot of the time, my lists are very disparate and seemingly disjointed.  I've found old ones that simply read, "Rootbeer" or "Don't forget Trudy" scrawled in hasty, blotched pen.  And, I do try to follow these, and honor my thoughts I had at the time of writing them, because surely rootbeer was on my mind for a reason.  And I probably shouldn't forget who Trudy is.  Oops.   The note I posted on my last blog from over 12 years ago, I believe myself to be honoring at this present moment.

This all a lead up to my most current list, that I jotted out while sitting at my mum's desk at HCMC.  Weird- why am I going to work with my mum?  Am I 12 years old? The jury is on that one.  Tis titled, Goals. (For 2013 and beyond.)

-Follow the monthly goals for 2013 as best as I can. 
Kristin, my roommate and old friend, is super motivated and carves out no-goes and yes-do-its for every month of the year. Essentially challenges. For example, for me January is 'No TV month'- which is sort of a cop out because I don't really watch TV anyways.  For her it's 'No gratuitous spending on frivolous things month'.  Wish me luck, especially during "No Alcohol Month" in February.  I do enjoy me a red wine and microbrewed beer. Or, even worse, "No pasta month" (aka the world won't end if you can't eat pesto pasta for a month.  right?)

-Get into shape, play sports and feel good in a physical way. 
Duh, I missed this so much whilst in Uganda.

-Make 2013 a year for friends and friendships. BUT, don't put pressure to maintain bonds with lukewarm friends. 
Why? Because I have a lot of de-onioned kindred-heart-spirits in my life and I have missed spending time with them.  So, tis a year for friendships. ANd hopefully every year that follows will be, too. What is a de-onioned person, you ask? My Peace Corps Uganda buddy Max and I determined that it is someone who isn't totally shrouded in layers upon layers of social conventions/trappings and other such subterfuge, disguise, etc etc. It's someone who is about as de-layered as they can get...or in other words, they are showing you their soul rather the layers over their soul.  It's hard to be de-onioned.  In fact, it's a lot easier to be oniony.  And, onions are delicious, but I prefer my kindred-heart-spirits to be less smelly and more genuine. Even if it's awkward.

-Don't be afraid to say no. Be honest and confident in decisions
I'm hoping to be more straightforward, although it's sooooo easy to slip back into midwestern politeness.  I'll probably continue to whack my way awkwardly about the bush once in a while, but truly, I want to just say what's on my mind.  If I don't wish to go out to a shitty sports bar on a Tuesday night, I count that as a victory.  Not being lame.

-Spend at least 1 more year (or school year) living abroad while in my twenties. 
Tis no surprise that Peace COrps gives you chronic wander-lust (or is wonder lust?).

-Live simply. Waste less. 
Simplify, simplify, simplify! I believe on a personal level, that I will be much less stressed if I take care to remove (and keep removed) some of the more cluttering things in modern American life.  But, I WILL take that hot shower to go, please.

-Like always, step off the cliff and boldly make mistakes. 
If you have no  horrible embarrassing stories or sweaty perilous events in your life, then I say you are lying.  We all do.  I don't think we should be ashamed of them, because it shows an adventurous, stupid, and heartening side of us.

-Nurture my creative side: write, sing, play, create.

-Walk slowly and smell the flowers. (or the piss).  always. 

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