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As a culmination of my literacy classes with Primary 7 Students at two of my schools, we wrote autobiographies.  The week before we wrote them, I had my two friends from Arua town, Bosco and Benard, come to talk to the classes. They are both musicians based in Arua-town and are in a band called The Ghetto Boyz.  They are great rolemodels, having once been in the shoes of primary students in rural Arua as well, and only through their own creativity and 'stubbornness' reached where they are today as expressive artists.  They mostly talked about how important reading and writing were in their young lives, and how they continue to be major parts of their lives today.  How in order to become a musician and lyricist, you really need to be a skilled and experienced writer.  They addressed self-expression, creativity, studiousness, and many other attributes.  It was awesome for the students.  These cool musicians with dreadlocks came all the way out to their village school to see them and talk to them.  And, Bosco and Benard also really enjoyed it.  Anyway, they set the framework for the importance of writing really well.  On a side note, people with long hair or dreadlocks here are commonly known as "rastas" and are sometimes feared by people.  On their way out to my schools, Bosco and Benard got lost and stopped to ask some village mommas for directions.  Upon seeing these two young men with huge hair and guitars, the mommas shrieked and all ran away as fast as they could into the fields.

Anyway.  My students each wrote an autobiography or as I explained it, a story about themselves.  I wanted to share a few stories that I thought were exceptional or unique.

This is Norbert.  He is holding his story.

My Story
My name is Adiga Norbert.  I was born in Uganda in Arua, Adumi Parish in 2002.  I am now 12 years old.  In my family we are nine in number as children.  My mother's name is Driciru Martha.

i am an orphan.  My father died in 2007 when we were in holiday.  Thereafter I join primary 3, now I am in primary 7.  Our home is located in ARua district, Adumi sub-county, Aumi Parish, Lia village along Lia customs road.  There are two big trees, namely mangoes and avocadoes. 

In future, I want to be journalist.  I am looking forward to work hard to get employment with NGOs.  I grew in Lia trading centre.  My favorite subjects in school are science subjects and mathematics and English.  I am a Lugbara and Lugbara play the following activities:
-We play cultural song, cultural dancing, drummers, and we have some programs for cultural talkings.

I like cooking food and playing football and tenis ball, and running.
I am dreaming hard I will be a journalist.  
This is my dream.
I would be in studio of Arua 1 FM.  DJ ADIGA NORBERT.
I would be happy when the dream happens. 

Next, we have Maliko's story.  

Maliko's Story

My name is Maliko Judith.  I was born in 1999 by now I am 13 years old.  I am a Ugandan.  I love my family so much.  I love my brothers and sisters.  We are seven in my family.

When I was young I liked playing with dolls then when I reached 3 years I was taken to nursery school in Kampala.  I grew there then I reached in P4, after P4 I was brought back to ARua in Uganda in P5.  Then I completed my P5 to P6 by now I am in P7 in Endru Primary SChool.  My favorite subject is English. I like our flag of Uganda which is by colour: Black, Yellow, red.

In primary like playing netball and volley even sports like running.  

In my free time I just read books and write stories in about my life.  If I become an adult I want to help my father and my mother if I get money by my self.  I want to buy for them clothes and buy food for them.

In our culture we use to dance and sing traditional songs in our culture in our language which is call Lugbara.

My house in our home looks like this:

In my life I always dream about to read hard so that I become a nurse but to become a nurse you have to read and write hardily.  I  am good at running and playing netball.  If I finish my primary and primary to secondary and secondary to university then I want to join nurse training and become a nurse so that I will get my money in future to help my family and to pay school fees of my children and my sister's and brother's children.  

Here are some more pictures of the students and their stories:

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