Saturday, October 8, 2011

A'dumi: A photo journal

Some of our friends from Lira came to visit, and we showed them around our village, and even took them to the top of the small mountain/big hill that our subcounty is named after; A'dumi hill. We were greeted by everyone on the way, and even dropped by my old house to see my neighbors! I'm glad I finally have pictures that describe the environment and views that I see everyday. I'll try to write more later; hopefully I am buying solar power this weekend so that I can actually charge my computer in the village and sometimes use internet. Independence day is tomorrow, so I'll be celebrating in my village, and hopefully taking more pictures. love and lions,


  1. Ilse - I truly love the photos; makes it easier to grasp your experiences. Any wildlife near your home? Beautiful autumn here - looks like you have warm, summery weather. Much love, Mumsy

  2. You're petting a goat. How perfect!

  3. Love seeing pictures! Keep them coming! I would love to hear/see what a normal day is like for you!