Friday, August 12, 2011


I'm currently in between site and IST (in-service training) because my house has a mold problem and still has no latrine or bathing area. I feel like I could live anywhere after this. I am fine otherwise, just a little uncertain about where I will be after training. I really hope that my housing is figured out, or they find another place for me to live that does not include me moving away from my community.

A few blocks away from me right now, president Museveni is speaking at Arua Hill. It's nice because everyone is there so the city is less crazy. I have been enjoying the modern delights of movies, and pizza, so I cannot complain.

I hope I can talk to you a lot of you while I'm in Kampala! I think I can get some internet from the hotel on my computer so hopefully I can do some talking.

Love and Luck,

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