Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Broken Teeth

Among other things, this weekend I broke one of my teeth, with the deadly rock and then sticky candy combination. I didn't know my teeth were capable of breaking in such a spectacular way. There is a giant, sharp hole in one of my teeth. Incredible. THe good news (sort of) is that I had to go to Kampala early the next day to see probably the only dentist in Uganda who won't make me look like a pirate. I am spending a few days living in a girls school in a random spare room and then wandering lost around Kampala, looking for ethnic food (that is not Ugandan). I think I'm definitely a village-bunny now. Me being in Kampala is equivalent to Beppo let loose in New York City. It's not pretty.

I have meant to blog for a while, but I'm afraid my posts may be spread further apart, as internet basically does not function out in my village. I will try to do it every time I go into town, about twice a month. THings are going well--- I'm starting to coach soccer at one of my schools, and then hopefully starting up a reading club and girls club at some schools. I also am doing a lot of helping teachers and observations. I am being asked to help with female adult literacy, too. There are a lot of things I am excited about here, and so we'll see how they pan out.

Love and goats,


  1. Ilsers - aarghhh, as Neil would say. Don't want a pirate daughter. Glad your tooth is fixed. Good luck with reading club and soccer. Living through your adventures... Love, Mumsy

  2. Sad face. I think you would make an excellent Ugandan pirate, but I think I would prefer you with all teeth! :) Sorry we couldn't chat long today, but I hope we can catch up tomorrow! LOVE YOU!

  3. It's really an interesting post. It's really sad to loose your own tooth but still today's dentistry is so advance that replacing a missing tooth is just a few hours matter. I have seen some cases where the results of dental implants surprise us. The implanted tooth looks just like the original one.

  4. Well, I hope the dentist you go to would make repair your broken tooth and make it look whole again. The hole in your teeth is a bit interesting and unusual. But a good dentist is all that's needed to fix that up. Good luck on your soccer coaching!

    [Hertha Gearin]