Saturday, March 19, 2011

You are just my size!

Today my training group descended on the capital like a swarm of drunkards at a country fair. This is not to say that we were intoxicated; rather we were dazed with a big city and all the possibilities that accompany it. Our main goal of the day was to orient us to Kampala and give us a sense of its basic layout, but my personal goal was to eat food until \i vomited. Almost immediately upon arriving, at 10 in the morning, my friend Leah and I ordered and ate a vegetarian pizza. \bliss. An hour an a half later, I ate an entire Indian meal. I didn't vomit but I still consider the day an overall success. #
Kampala is nuts. I had the strange experience of drinking a delicious latte that had a heart made of foam and then walking 10 minutes to a street where I stepped on a chicken, almost got run over by 89 motorcycles, and had my arms pinched by men who told me that i was "just their size!"

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  1. more food ilse! more food descriptions! Can't wait to SEE everything :)